Conan is a charter sailing yacht catamaran operating in East Medditerranean sea well known from worldwide agencies. Paul, the skipper, his managing the smooth running of Conan. Competent and amiable, your Captain is always ready to share his specialist knowledge with you, which he has gained from cruising the Eastern Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Be enthusiastically introduced to a wide range of activities from visiting archeological sites to underwater exploration. With two hostesses and a seaman, the Conan team will be totally at your disposal providing you with all services from organizing sailing activities and water sports through to attending to your daily cabin care. Fresh and varied continental meals are beautifully prepared on board according to your tastes and Conan's reputation for its professionally prepared cuisine is well known as one of the best offered in the charter trade. Your la carte cruise will start from the moment your are collected from the airport. Throughout the duration of your stay the ultimate will be accomplished to ensure you have an unforgettable vacation.